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Wrapping Up

May 5th, 2009 by Sean

Today is my second last day teaching. I’ll be showing the Agapé staff how to use WordPress as a Content Management System to run a website. After class I will be visiting a local university to meeting with their web development team and Networking Services group to provide some advice and share my experience at a Canadian University IT department.

Yesterday afternoon and later this afternoon I am meeting with past participants of the Agapé programs to put together some Success Stories and photos for the new Agapé website.

Busy, busy, busy! And I’m off to hop in the shower and get ready.


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  • Your days are packed full for sure, Sean! You must be tired. But how interesting to be invited to the university to share your experiences as an IT specialist at a Canadian university and to get a brief look at the university there. Is is possible that your amazing trip keeps getting better? ;)

    It’s will be good to have you home with us again, Sean. Safe trip home.