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Women In Information and Communication Technology

July 19th, 2007 by Sean

The web designer working with FTG Nepal is also involved with the group Women in ICT. This group is working towards the goal of “Promoting participation of women in Information and Communications Technology”. Women in ICT here in Kathmandu is currently running a class in the mornings from 6am-8am (offices typically open here at 10am) at no charge to help involve women in Nepal in the ICT sector.

After our meeting about the FTG Nepal site, Archana invited me to this class as a guest speak. I was surprised, honoured and honestly rather humbled. I am very happy to help with this very important project in anyway that I can. My experience in Canada has seen a trend of increasing participation of women in IT in higher education, but there is still a significant majority of men in the field. The work that WICT is doing here is tremendous and I think is needed pretty much everywhere in the world.

I have had the opportunity to read some ofWICT’s recent conference proceedings (PDF) and I am very impressed. This work is innovative, inclusive and clearly passionate. After developing an understanding of the organizations and wanting to focus on concepts rather than technical skill (since I will be speaking for 30 minutes) I have decided to speak on the topic “Connecting Across the Divide”. I sincerely hope I bring something to this group that they find useful.

I will be giving this presentation tomorrow morning, along with Nina Shahi, the Co-ordinator of FTG Nepal, who will be presenting on success stories of women in trade.

For those who would like to know more about the class I’ll be speaking to, here is the description:

Professionalism Enhancement in Web Development and Hardware Basics

Women are dynamic, creative and equipped of skills of multi-tasking. There is strong will power of women and can make drastic changes if she desires. Creativity of women can be best implied in different sectors including web development provided she has some opportunities to learn from women who have devoted their career in Web Development and Hardware.

It is our immense pleasure to share Women in ICT Network in collaboration of BellaSAP is providing a platform for women to learn and share their own work experiences in the field of web development along with basic computer hardware maintenance. It is anticipated that this 45 days training will support in promoting professionalism of women in the areas of Web Development and Hardware Basics and perhaps make a small attempt in enhancing the functional presence of women in IT arena of Nepal.

The training course will include:

  • Graphics Design/Web Designing (Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Swish) – 17 Days
    • Knowledge about Latest Trends For eg. Blog, Wiki & CMS System etc.
  • Computer Hardware (Hardware basics and Basic Troubleshooting) – 17 Days
  • Basic Web Scripting (PHP and ASP).- 11 Days

The formal training program will also be accompanied by different guest speakers for sharing their experiences in promoting quality participation of women in Information Society of Nepal.

The training program details are:

Venue: Seagate Computers, Kupondole

Duration: July 15-August 31, 2007

Time: 6:00-8:00 am
Contact person: Ms. Archana Shrestha,

Note: There will be no registration fee for the training. However, organizers are not in able to support travel and accommodation cost for the participants due to budget constraints.

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