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Women In ICT Presentation

July 21st, 2007 by Sean

It was an early morning to get to Patan on time for my presentation. The Women in ICT technology class run from 6-8 am; my office day here usually starts at 10am. We picked up Nina-ji, the Co-ordinator at FTG Nepal, on the way as she was presenting before me on women and business development.

The class is held at SeaGate Computers, a training centre located quite close to the FTG Nepal office. Everyone was very welcoming; the class was a very interesting group of women, some working in IT currently and other planning on moving to IT – and several of the participants have Masters degrees. After Nina-ji gave her presentation (in Nepali) it was my turn. I talked about key fundamentals in IT: the elimination of distance, the shift to the digital world and the importance of human connection. I also spent some time sharing the names and specialization of the many women I personally work with at CCS at the University of Guelph. I thought a personal connection to success stories of women in IT would helpful Many thanks to my friends at the U of G library for lending a hand with some research for this presentation – I really appreciate it.

Archana-ji, the amazing woman who organized and is leading the course, sent me a lovely thank you note. I really wish to thank her and the women in her course. It was a privilege to be invited to speak, and I sincerely hope it was time well spent for the women in this course.  Archana also posted about the class in her blog (FYI: this post is mostly in Nepali…)

Giving my presentation



A very attentive audience



A group picture


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  • Sean sir well it was gr8 to have your presentation

    on motivation speech ……..we got chance to

    learn so many new things about the global

    change that IT field has brought in the world.

    Thanking you.


  • Many thanks for sharing things with us. We really enjoyed. :)

    Best wishes.