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The State of the Mall

April 24th, 2009 by Sean

Or perhaps I should say the Mall State.  The shopping in Indonesia is crazy…everything seems like it’s filled with stores.  From a blanket-on-the-street operation selling shoes to gleaming stores in epic malls which provide all the latest fashions from Paris and everything in-between, including bootlegs CDs, knock-off handbags, and DVDs of movies that are still in the theatre.

And then there is the Indonesian Mall.  These things are enormous!  West Edmonton Mall, located in Western Canada, is still the largest mall in the world as far as I know…but it’s more like a sprawling city with a roof.  The malls in Indonesia don’t have the luxury of flat, Canadian Prairies to build on.  So they build up.  And the build with gorgeous attention to detail.

I spent some time at the new Emporium mall in Jakarta with my cousins and their families.  We had a great time, did some shopping, stocked up on snacks and went for a great dinner of noodles at local favourite for Bak Mie, a chinese noodle dish.  However, despite the great time, I still can’t over just how huge this mall is:

For those of you counting at home…that’s six…S-I-X levels of air conditioned, tiled, mirrored, gleaming, perfectly lit shopping.  The only sad part of the shopping here at all is the fact that the Indonesia Rupiah has rallied against the Canadian dollar since we arrived and I’m down about 10% on the exchange rate since we arrived <grin>.

I also have some great photos of a mall in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia.  I’ll be sure to post those as well.

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  • That is massive! And so beautiful! thinking about the tin old roofs, and then this modern building is amazing. such diversity in what you are seeing!

  • Talk about burying the lead… How was the food court? :-)