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The FTG Nepal Website

July 17th, 2007 by Sean

Work on the website has been going very well.  I am nearly finished the Needs and Technical Assessmenet report.  I want to provide a baseline for my work and also document the website for future work, especially if another external resource is available to contribute to their website.

FTG Nepal launched their current website a few months ago and it looks great.  The design team at Elite Infotech who put the site together used Dreamweaver and implemented the site with templates.  This was great news for me, since I have a lot of experience with this solution and open the door to using Contribute.

Contribute is a great tool that makes it very easy to update a website – think of Contribute as a web browser with an edit button.   Contribute is software designed for Content Developers and leaves website design to Web Developers.  Thus a Web Developer, who is a technical expert, takes care of things like changing page layouts or updating the site menu.  However, Content Developers, who do not need technical expertise but are instead Subject Matter Experts, are able to update and maintain the content of a website independantly.

Yesterday Sabina-ji and I successfully tested Contribute and updated the news on the front page, and added descriptions to the Links page on the FTG Nepal website.  It was very exciting for me, and I think Sabina-ji was also quite excited that she was updating the website on her own.  Previously, updates had been managed by submitting change requests to the host provider, People Link, who updated the site once every two months.

Today we will continue to work with Contribute, but it looks like this is the right tools for FTG Nepal.  While the data transfer of a dial-up connection do make it a slow process, it’s still faster than 8 weeks of waiting :)   And as an alternative, FTG Nepal staff could head over to an Internet Cafe where there is a high-speed connection and work from there.  While there would be a fee, they pay a per-minute fee on their dial-up access as well.

So, look for more updates on the FTG Nepal site – we’re moving forward!

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