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The Agapé Social Foundation

April 26th, 2009 by Sean

Agapé Social Foundation

Berbagi Kasih Sayang – Sharing Kindness & Love


The Agapé Social Foundation (ASF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and training to those who cannot afford it in the local community.  Located in Malang, Indonesia, it was founded in 1997 by Dr. Yohandoyo, a local medical doctor and prominent member of the Malang Rotary Club.

The ASF is dedicated to helping build the skills and education of those who are in need, to enable them to provide for themselves and contribute to the community in turn.  The ASF is funded by private donations from around the world, but primarily from the Netherlands and often by fellow Rotarians.  The ASF is an officially registered organization in Indonesia with community support and provides full financial reporting to its donors.

The Agapé Social Foundation is dedicated to local, direct-action assistance which helps builds capacity in the community.  The ASF has a proven track record and has consistently succeeded in providing a hand up to those who need it most for more than a decade.

Foster Child Program

The ASF’s began its work with the Foster Child Program.  This program provides underprivileged children in the area with all the supplies and resources needed to attend school.  Indonesia does not yet have universal public education, thus a lack of funds can unfortunately make it impossible for a child to attend school.

The Foster Child Program fully funds the tuitions fees for a child and also provides:

  • Text Books
  • Supplies and Stationary
  • School uniform
  • Shoes

This program also provides the student with one new dress or outfit per year, typically at Lebaran, the Muslim New Year, or at Christmas.

This program costs approximate $100 USD per year per child.  In its first year the ASF was able to foster 24 children through the generosity of a single private donor.  Many of these children have been able to complete high school because of this program and some program alumni even work for the ASF today.  Approximately 500 children have participated in the program so far.

For the 2009 school year, there are almost 70 children being sponsored through this program.  However, the demand for this program exceeds currently available funding, with more than 50 children on the waiting list.

Training Centre

Through consultation with the local Lurah, the neighbourhood office, and community, the Agapé Social Foundation expanded its services to include vocational training.  In 2002 the ASF received a very generous private donation that allowed it to substantially renovate its training centre.

The training courses focus on providing skills training that can be directly applied to real-world employment.  Currently the training provides includes:

  • Carpentry
  • Motorcycle Repair
  • Dress Making
  • Handicrafts

In addition to this vocational training the ASF also provides Computer Skills training and English As A Second Language training.

Community Development

In partnership with the local Rotary Club, the Agapé Social Foundation has participated in significant, long-term community development projects.  Funding for these projects is provided by international Rotary Club donations.  These include:

  • Clean Water For Life
  • Essential Home Renovations
  • Library Resource Program

Clean Water For Life

This development program installs a well and water filtration system which is able to provide clean water to 200 families or approximately 800-1000 residents.  Without this program, the residents of these areas would be without a clean water source and be subject to water-borne pathogens such as the e. coli bacteria, salmonella which can cause typhus and ascariasis a parasite which infects the intestinal tract and often affects children.  Without this source of clean water, families often face the increased expense medical bills and purchasing clean water when they can, decreasing their already very limited family budget.

This program provides these neighborhoods with a safe, sustainable and free supply of clean water, essential to their well-being.  This program has been implemented at 4 locations and costs approximately $250 USD per site.

Essential Home Renovations

This development program funds essential home renovations for families who have inadequate housing.  Fixing leaking roofs, expanding a house from a single room and installing plumbing are the types of renovations done by this program.

The housing which receives these renovations are often made from essentially temporary materials such as bamboo, thatching, dirt floors and corrugated metal.  Once upgraded, these houses have improved conditions such as brick exteriors, waterproof roofing, concrete floors and indoor sanitation facilities.  These renovations also provide additional living space, building separate cooking and bathing rooms from the main living area.

This program provides families with dry, clean and permanent structures to live in.  This program has helped more than 10 families and costs approximately $150 to $200 USD.

Library Resources

This resource program fully funds and the purchase and delivery books to local libraries.  It is run by the Indonesia Rotary Club and funded by International Rotary Club donations.  This program makes a 5 year commitment to send books annually.  Currently this project in Malang has been running for 2 of the 5 years.

Each year a large shipment of new books is sent of approximately $300 USD worth of books, which is approximately 150-200 books.  There are 4 locations which receive these books in Malang.  3 of the locations are local schools and the fourth is the Agapé Social Foundation.

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  • What an amazing organization. Truly changing the community for the better! I am so proud that you have an opportunity to help and be a part of it!

  • Does the Agape Center accept small donations? How can we donate?