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Taking a Trip to Get My Travel Visa

March 25th, 2009 by Sean

I am back at work and back online after a week of convalescing after breaking a rib.  It is a sad tale, although not what one would call a hero’s journey.  It is the story of the Fall of Man…or at least a fall of a man.  Since people aren’t believing my “saving orphans and their puppies from a burning building” story, I guess I should just tell it as it is :) .

I was rushing into Toronto, with my father, to get our travel visas for Indonesia.  Much to our surprise the Indonesian consulate, located at Jarvis and Richmond, closes at 12:30pm.  After some coaxing on my part, my father agreed to try and drop off our paperwork, even though it was 11am and we were planning on going in for mid-afternoon.   Luckily we arrived at 12:15 and, delighted, I trotted from the car to the consulate.

It was then, with clock ticking, that it happened.  Tripping over a curb (located here) that snuck up on me, I fell down with my full weight – trapping my fist under my leftside of my chest.  It must have looked like a very bad fall, because someone in downtown Toronto actually rolled down their window and asked “Hey!  Are you alright?”.  Even though I was seeing stars and had mostly lost my breath, I nodded and gave a tough-guy thumbs up.   After shambling my way into the Consulate office and getting our visa paperwork together, our trip was a success…although I was starting to think I should see a doctor.

A couple of agonizing hours later I was back in Guelph at the hospital where I got an inconclusive X-Ray, a sick note and a prescription for pain meds. I’m very thankful I didn’t hit my head and I’ve been very lucky to have great help from my family while I deal with healing my broken bones.

Is there a lesson in this?  Perhaps.

My ribs, much like my footing, are easily taken for granted.  Losing any of them provides an instructive reminder to how important they are.

Here’s hoping everything is tip-top by the time I fly to Indonesia.

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