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Sunrise in Jakarta

April 7th, 2009 by Sean

Well, I’m finally getting over my jetlag.  Impressively, my father has hardly had any jetlag at all.  Then again, he does a lot of global travel for work (I just need some sort of excuse to make me feel better about my dad being full of energy while I’ve been laying on the bed moaning about how tired I am <grin>)

We’ve had a few days in Jakarta, seen some sites, met family and eaten, eaten, eaten <grin>.  Jakarta was relentlessly hot as promised.  We’ve headed south to Bandung for a few days before returning to Jakarta to fly to Malang.  It is much cooler here and wonderfully beautiful.  I’m still catching up on downloading pictures and such, so not much in the way of an update today.

However, I do have one picture to share. After 24 hours of travel, we landed in Jakarta safely and after marching though an efficient and reasonably quick immigration and customs, we were graciously met by my cousins Arif and Ay Fang and Ay Fang’s two beautiful daughters Jessica and Josephine.  They whisked us away to drop off our bags and go for a fantastic dinner at a local Rumah Makan – a restaurant (literally a House of Eating).  After a lovely meal of otak-otak ikan (bbq fish cakes), nasi goreng (traditional Indonesian fried rice) and bak mi goreng (fried noodles) – of course all with lots of sambal (chili sauce), we returned to my cousin Arif’s house to finally go to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up around 5 am to find my father was already up as well.  It was 4pm local time in Ontario.  My dad quitely took me upstairs to the terrace of the house which overlooks the entire neighbourhood.  It was an amazing way to see the city, having landed the night before after dark.  We stayed up on the terrace for an hour chatting and waiting for the dawn.  The rainy season is over, but only just.  It’s unusual for this time of year, but it’s been quite overcast and there has been lots of rain.  Despite this, the sunrise was brilliant and beautiful.  I can’t think of a better , or more auspicious, way to start my first trip to Indonesia as welcoming the dawn in Jakarta.


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  • Fantastic photo — take one of the sunset on your way out.

  • Wish I could have been there! So beautiful!!!!!

  • That’s so amazingly awesome. Glad to hear you’re having a good (and filling *grin*) time.

    I totally work blogged about you. \m/ >_< \m/

  • Nice shot! Mmmm nasi goreng… my lunch was no where near as interesting or tasty.

  • Oh, the food, the food, the food… sounds sooo good!

    Sounds like a very auspicious start to your trip to Indonesia, Sean, welcomed by the Jakarta dawn. Seems like Papah is ‘at home’ there, eh?

  • Each of these things, each of these moments in time. All of everything you see, hear, experience, and do… all of these things are things that are uniquely yours.

    With that being as it is, I thank you for sharing. And don’t be stingy!

  • So beautiful, Sean–glad you arrived safely and are having a good time. Nasi goreng is amazing–my best friend’s mom grew up in Indonesia and I always tried to get invited over when they were going to eat it! Have fun!

  • What a beautiful beginning to your visit! It sounds and looks like you are having a great time, Sean. I wish you a marvellous time and say hi to your dad for me. Love ya lots! Aunt Maureen

  • What a beautiful way to start your day! How wonderful to be with your dad and have him introduce you to his “home”. Love to you both.