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Salamat Datang!

April 26th, 2009 by Sean

Salamat Datang is Indonesian for Welcome.

On Saturday, April 11th I was given a wonderful welcome to the Agapé Social Foundation. I had seen pictures of the Agapé Social Foundation online, but this was very exciting to finally see it for myself:

My father and I were formally introduced to the staff:

Agapé Social Foundation Staff: Agus, Pii, Nining, Asih, Dr. Yohandoyo, Erva and Sean Yo

We also met a group of the students at Agapé, all of whom are participants in the Foster Child program which sponsors their education.

When we arrived the children all lined up and welcomed us one by one with the traditional Javanese greeting of touch our hand to their face as a sign of respect.  It was very nice. <smile>

We were even treated to some song and dance by the children which was wonderful!

Here’s the song they sang us.

Everyone here has been wonderful.  It’s been particularly great to have some time ahead of the bulk of my volunteer work to meet and spend time with the staff and being able to have some great prep time.

I’m really looking forward to my first day of teaching tomorrow.

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  • Good luck with your first day! I can hardly wait to hear all about it!

  • How darling the children are. Song and dance are a lovely greeting.
    How are you managing with the Javanese language? ; )

    It’s great to have Dad home again. He had a wonderful experience visiting family, friends and places of interest in Indonesia with you. Said visit to Bali flew by. Keep well and enjoy your time teaching at Agape Center. : )