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Quick Update

July 19th, 2007 by Sean

My presentation this morning felt like it went well; I was rather tired, as I had a wonderful dinner last night at Ajoy’s in-law’s house, but was out late and I had to spend time last night (and this morning!) finishing my presentation notes <grin>.  I’m in the office for couple hours now and then I’m off to catch a flight to Royal Chitwan National Park, where if the weather holds I’ll get to go on an elephant safari!

I’m falling behind in my updates (especially food updates <grin>).  I’ll be off the air (probably) for a couple days, since I’m not expecting Internet at the park.  When I get back, I’ll be sure to get a least a little more caught up on sharing what’s been happening on my trip.

Namaste from Kathmandu!

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