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On My Own(ish)

April 25th, 2009 by Sean

This has been an amazing trip so far.  I’ve travelled with my father to his home town of Pekalongan,  explored his home county of Indonesia, met my Indonesian family and even started to learn to speak a little Indonesian.  And I’ve eaten amazing food every step of the way <grin>.

Yesterday my dad flew back to Jakarta and today he’ll fly home to Canada.  He took fantastic care of my while we were together and was great to travel with.  I am very lucky.  I spent every day for the last three weeks with my dad and we had a great time.  This will be an unforgettable trip for many reasons, but one of the most important will be the time I spent with my father and his family.

Starting tomorrow I will begin teaching at the Agapé Social Foundation, the non-profit organization founded and run by my uncle Dr. Yohandoyo.  I will be teaching IT skills from PC Security to Web Development.  The staff here are very eager to learn which is a dream for every instructor.

I am staying with my Uncle and his family – who are wonderful and taking very, very good care of me.  So, I’m not on my own here in Indonesia, at all.  But I am without my dad…who I know is excited about returning home and seeing my mom and their dog, Daisy<smile>.  I’ll miss him these last two weeks in Indonesia, but it will also be good to have some of my own time and memories on this trip.

Salamat Jalan Papah – I hope you have a safe trip home.  I’ll see you again in a couple of weeks.

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  • Another adventure to add to your resume! plus doing it alone will build the confidence you need to take me and the girls!

  • Teary-eyed here… So glad you had this time with your Dad, Sean, and he with you. This trip is so important, and now you will have a foundation for future trips to Indonesia with your family. I am so proud of you. ; ) And so grateful and appreciative of all that Mpek Kiam and his family has done and is doing for you. Please extend my thanks and deep gratitude to them (in proper Javanese, please ; )

  • I’m so happy for you and your dad ~ to be able to share this together is really something. It must be so exciting to meet the “other side of your family”! I guess now you will know that the craziness comes from “this side”! Or did you already know that!? LOL! ;-D