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Off To A Great Start

April 28th, 2009 by Sean

I’ve finished up my first two days at ASF and things are going very well.  I teach in the morning and in the afternoon I prepare my lesson for the next day.  So far I’ve covered IT Training Strategies and Desktop Computer Security.  Tomorrow is PC Troubleshooting and then we start looking at web development and WordPress.

I’m also hoping to complete some project work while I’m here.  I will be evaluating Deep Freeze for their computer lab, which is a system which projects public computers so only the administrators can change or update them.  I am also looking to redo their website and perhaps set up the ASF on GoogleApps to give them their own email, calendaring and collaboration system.  It’s an exciting opportunity, but the Internet infrastructure here is still developing and great web tools don’t help much if your pipe isn’t big enough.

Anyways, I’m very encouraged and energized by the first couple of days.  I’m looking forward to the rest of my time and hoping I get lots done.  I’m also confident that I’ll be in touch when I return and that I don’t have to finish everything by next week.  <grin>

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  • Have you used DeepFreeze before?

    Email me if you would like to hear about my experience with it. (Short version: It’s pretty slick, or at least it was in 2005.)

  • That would be fantastic Chris! Thanks! I’ve already sent off an email to you .

    I gave Deep Freeze a quick test drive today and it seems really nice and quite easy as well. I’m going to try and pair it up with another Faronics product: Anti-Executable.