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New Friends I

July 15th, 2007 by Sean

I have been so lucky and have met so many wonderful people since I have travelled to Nepal. In fact, I’m rather behind on posting about them, so its definitely time to start!On my way to Kathmandu, I flew through Doha, Qatar. We landed at about midnight local time – when we left the plane it was like walking into a wall of heat. I’m been in saunas that were cooler than the runway at Qatar International Airport – and it was the middle of the night! I was told that it had been 45 C during the day! We were already late, so it was a mad dash to the terminal and then to my gate to catch my connection. I was really quite worried about missing my place, but as it turns out, there were many people on my flight also flying to Kathmandu.

While waiting at the gate to board the plane to Kathmandu, I met a wonderful young woman from the south of France, Emily Raymond. She was on her way to Kathmandu to volunteer for 5 weeks as a teacher and is staying with a host family. We chatted about France and Canada and our upcoming time in Kathmandu (luckily her English was much better than my French <grin>) In my very tired state, I totally forgot to get a picture of us…but if she has a chance, she may drop by my hotel – I’ll be sure to get a picture of us if we connect while in Kathmandu.

On the plane, I sat next to a young gentleman from Kathmandu, Prajjwal Panday, who is a student in the US. He is in Kathmandu visiting his family – for the first time in three years! He is starting a PhD in the fall near Boston. He was very helpful, especially in his patience as I reached across taking pictures as we landed! :) We have tried to meet, but haven’t quite managed to get together yet.

Here is picture of us, just before we landed in Kathmandu (we are both very, very tired <grin>)


Hello to Emily and Prajjwal if they are visiting the site and I hope we have a chance to get together while in Kathmandu!

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  • Hello Sean

    Thank you for putting wonderful pictures online. I do have been checking them from time to time. Unfortunately we couldn’t get together in Kathmandu. You must be back with your family. I am already waist-deep into the first semester of my PhD Geography program. I have been enjoying it so far.
    Do keep in touch.
    - Prajjwal

  • Great to hear from you Prajjwal – it’s exciting to know that you’ve been checking the site. Good luck with your PhD and I hope you can visit home again soon.