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My Office

July 17th, 2007 by Sean

At FTG Nepal, I’m working in their meeting room which is great because I have lots of room (not to mention a ceiling fan :) ). I have had no problem using the laptop I brought – in fact they have a powerbar that lets me plug in the laptop without any sort of adaptor (the power supply is already 110-240W compatible). For Internet access I either dial in directly on the laptop, or I have also connected by ethernet to their office network which shares a dial-up connection.

Here is what my workspace typically looks like in the afternoon – open air windows to the street next to me, my laptop and a cup of Nepali tea <grin>


I have a lovely view of a typical Kathmandu street and buildings from my window and on an especially clear day I can even see some of the valley mountains. I’ll try and get a picture of the mountains as soon as I can…


I am frequently visited by pigeons just outside the window – who apparently are not particularly camera-shy :)


And here’s a bonus photo of me at the front of the FTG Nepal offices


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  • Your office looks like a little piece of heaven! I’m glad things look like they’re going so well for you over there. We miss you back home!

  • pigeons (Parewa in nepali) looks great. I am so happy to see Nepal’s picture in your blog. keep on posting.