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A Photographic Response to the Naysayers…

July 23rd, 2007 by Sean

Apparently, some people don’t believe me when I say I was on an elephant. Apparently, some people will only believe me if there are pictures. Many thanks to Brad for vouching for me, but I’m sure these Naysayers will only be appeased by a photo. <grin>

So without (much) further ado:

Et voila – M. Yo Sur Un Éléphant: Évidence Photographique Indéniable!



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  • Naysayer….Naysayer….not me! I just wanted to SEE you on an elephant…that is all! No more. I mean geez….

  • I don’t know….it could just be another photochop…:P

  • Hey Sean! There’s a picture of you, and you’re on an elephant!

  • WOW – an Oliphant – but if I do say so myself, that poor thing looks like it has had a rough road to travel over the years. I say burn incense and ask for forgiveness…and for it to have an early retirement with lots of peanuts. :)