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Look Ma! I’m on top of the world!

July 18th, 2007 by Sean

So about 90 minutes ago, I was on a plane flying above the Himalayas! I was up at 5am, to take a 6am mountain flight on Buddha Airways for a tour of the Himalayas. The plane was very small, with only about 20 seats or so total. Every seat was a window seat and each passenger was allowed to go up to the cockpit to see the view and take pictures. In fact, I was able to go twice!

I have many photos – and not enough time to review them now. But I had to post right away! So here a few pictures, unedited, and a short clip I took with my camera as well.

Me during the flight (forgot the flash…drats!)


The cockpit and the plane and the co-pilot


Mountains from the Cockpit


Mount Everest on the left…


And another picture of Everest


What an amazing view!


After the flight, in front of our plane


And a short clip of the flight from my seat

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