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I’ve been Googled!

July 22nd, 2007 by Sean

Thanks to the stats report at WordPress.Com, I get a pretty decent picture of how busy or quiet the site is.  So far, I’m really surprised and pleased with how bust it has been.  It looks like I have a number of regular readers and often have more than 100 visitors in a day.  These are *very* small number in the world of the web – but I’m really happy that so many people are interested in this trip and following along.

One of the reports I get is search engine results.  I was amazed to see that people have got to this site by Googling my name and “Nepal”.   I suppose I’ve likely been Googled before – I’ve been on the net since about ’96, so I defintely findable (although the habit of Spanish -speakers to end sentences with “yo” makes me harder to find… :) )  But this is the first time I have had evidence of being Googled.

Now I can take that off my list <grin>

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