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Hamburgers and Frankfurters…mmm…mmm…good!

July 15th, 2007 by Sean

So, I did indeed eat a Hamburger as soon as I touched down in Frankfurt. But the question is…did I have a Frankfurter? Of course I did! In fact, I had two…along with some fabulous potato salad and a very fine German beer.

The Frankfurt Airport (a.k.a Fraport) is well laid out, and there is a very large McDonalds on the second floor. I was amazed at how the menu was both, so similiar and so different.

The familiar menu:


The breakfast menu:


The “I’ve never seen this at McDonalds before” menu:


Das BigMac:



Once I ran around Frankfurt for a few hours, I was famished and found the Wachthaupe, and old guard house which had been converted into a restaurant. The waiter was very helpful and helped my find some real Frankfurters on the menu and recommended a fabulous beer to go along with them. See for yourself:


Now, if only I could get to Hamburg to eat a Frankfurter there…

Oh – and I haven’t had many pictures of myself yet – so here’s a self-portrait from the streets of Frankfurt:


p.s. This post is made, in no small way, for Der Schumann <grin>. Hope you like it.

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  • You’re certainly starting to look tired in that last pic :P What kind of beer did you have, do you know?

  • what beer did you have? your potato salad looks yummy, that’s the southern German version that was a habiutal side dish at out uni ‘mensa” (ie cafeteria). Glad you arrived safely and are doing well! :D