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July 8th, 2007 by Sean

The flight from Toronto to Frankfurt was great.  I was on a Boeing 777, which was comfy and spacious.  It had a swank, in-seat video screen with TV & movies on demand.  The flight itself was great, went smoothly and we landed 15 minutes early.

Once in the airport, here in Frankfurt, I needed a snack.  So, in the interest of International Relations, I did some comparison research and had a Big Mac.  The verdict?  Not quite as sweet as a Canadian Big Mac – but unmistakenly a Big Mac.  And the pickles were exactly the same.  And yes…the first thing I did in Frankfurt was have a hamburger.  If only I was going to Hamburg, where I could have a frankfurter.

I have an eight-hour layover here, so I’m off to see if I can explore a bit of Frankfurt before my connecting flight.  Wish me luck!

Next update…likely tomorrow from Kathmandu, since I don’t think I’ll be getting off the plane in Doha.

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