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Gold Star!

May 4th, 2009 by Sean

I received a very nice compliment today.  As we were wrapping up our lesson for today and I was heading out, my students told me I they didn’t want me to leave Indonesia this week – because they need more time to learn. “You can’t go home!” <grin>.

I was already lucky and very happy because everyone here is so eager to learn and works very hard.  It was amazing to be told that they think they have so much more to learn from me that they want me to stay.  It’s always hard to know, as an instructor, how successful you are in teaching your students.  So this was a very nice way to mark the half way point of my teaching here.

Incidentally, I didn’t say “No”…I told my students they had to call my wife and tell her I wouldn’t be coming home on the weekend <grin>.

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  • My answer would be no…..NO!
    Unless they send me plane fare to come and join you! :) Then YES!!!!

  • LOL! Didn’t think you’d go for that one, Jen! It’s time for your man to be back home, eh?

    We all miss you, Sean, but no one more that your beautiful wife. Hurry home for her and godspeed.