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Getting Settled in Kathmandu

July 11th, 2007 by Sean

Another short and sweet post – tonight I should finally have time to catch up on the flight and my first few days in Kathmandu.

I have started work – and it is going very well. Everyone is very friendly and my first day was great. Today I’m starting a needs assessment for their website to provide the foundation for my work. It looks like the primary focus of my work will be increasing capacity within FTG-Nepal by training their staff to update their website. Once that’s taken care of we’ll look to what work can be done on the website itself.

I promised pictures so here we go:

Kathmandu Street

I have misplaced the name of this street – but it’s near my office in Kathmandu. More pictures soon. I just had a great breakfast of Puri Bhaji (a fried bread with spicy potatoes) and now I have to go meet my car.

Have a great day!

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  • Hi, Sean!! I am writing this to you from the Asian Rural Institute in Japan where I’ve been a working volunteer since last week. It is so cool to read about your adventures thus far and I will be following your story on your blog as you go along.

    At ARI they are dedicated to training rural leaders from developing countries in Asia and Africa training them in various ways of approaching crops, vegetables, livestock, fish, water & soil management, pest and weed control….all in a low-tech, environmentally sustainable way. The idea is that the participants can return to their homes after their nine months here and help improve their communities using the knowledge they have acquired. Because their homes do not have fancy farm equipment (or even reliable sources of fuel or electricity in some instances), they are grateful to have an opportunity to learn how to stretch resources and be innovative within their working environment.

    One Japanese word I have learned here is ‘mottainai’ which means — roughly — “what a waste!”…and the goal in this environment of sustainable agriculture and organic farming is to avoid ‘mottainai’. My hunch is you will find the same sort of idea among people in Nepal.

    Can’t wait to hear more. Have fun!!


  • Hey, Sean. Great to know you’re actually there… and great to know that you are able to send updates. I suspect you’re relying on internet cafes.
    Where are you living? How far is it from your office? Send more food reviews.

  • Sean,

    I am enjoying your travel journal and look forward to reading more about your experiences there. It is so wonderful to be able to share your skills with others in a different part of the world. I envy you for the opportunity to visit such a mystical place as Nepal. It has been a longtime dream of mine to see Mount Everest. Oh well, some day. In the meantime, stay safe and keep up the good work.

    Deb Byart
    Undergraduate Program Assistant
    Computing and Information Science
    University of Guelph