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Getting Around Kathmandu

July 15th, 2007 by Sean

Well, I’ve been here a week now and I’m definitely getting settled. I’m surprised by how tired I am by the end of the day when I get home from the office – I think I am still working on fully getting over my jet lag. I seem to be taking a nap when I get home and end up having quite a late dinner.

I have learned how to get to the FTG Office from my hotel; well…not the whole way, but once we get near the office I can direct the driver to my office. This is a delightful development as I’ve had several dodgy taxi rides that ended up in quite a bit of circling around Patan. I have come to realize that taxis in Kathmandu do not generally take you directly to your destination – this is part because there is not an accurate postal address system here. Most streets are named, but very often unmarked and buildings are not numbered. So, my expectation of having a taxi take me directly to my destination has been usually encounters the expectation of the taxi driver that a) I know where I’m going and can navigate the last leg of the trip or b) I’ll get out near my location and walk.

I still have some trouble navigating my way through Thamel (the tourist district of Kathmandu, where my hotel is located) to my room at the Hotel Marshyangdi. But, for getting to my office, I now know that I need to go to Patan (one of the original three cities in the Kathmandu valley), via the Bagmati Bridge. Then go straight until I reach the open-air temple I posted about before:


I’ve learned that this temple is called Kandevsthan (literally: Ear God Place – I love that name…). It is a well known landmark, and is just down the street from my office. So I don’t think I should have any more trouble communicating how to get to my office. At least I hope not <grin>. Now I just have to figure out how to get from the edge of Thamel to my hotel… :)

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