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July 21st, 2007 by Sean

I had the chance to go out with the other Canadian volunteers working with CECI here in Kathmandu last Wednesday. It was a great time, and fun was had by all – even if we talked a little be too much about our work here in Nepal <grin>.

This is Erica and Karen. Erica is from Toronto and Karen is from albert – they are both long-term volunteers.


This is Krista and Alex. Krista is an MA student at the University of Guelph doing an internship here with CECI for her research and Alex is from Québec and working with Managers Without Borders. Both are short-term volunteers. Krista heads off to Sri-Lanks for six weeks on Monday and Alex is here until the beginning of August. Also, in case you were wondering…Alex is indeed Keepin’ It Real and Livin’ Large in Kathmandu


Alex and your’s truly


We started off at a restaurant called 1905 which is just across from the US Embassy here in Kathmandu. After drinks, we decided to head off to Nanglo’s, a restaurant with a fantastic terrace, about 10 minutes away by foot.


We had a variety of Nepali food – some BBQ chicken and BBQ paneer


We though we were ordering BBQ Vegetables, but the word “Vegetarian” is fairly rare here in Kathmandu. So Vegetable BBQ really meant Vegetarian BBQ, which meant BBQ Paneer – which is cheese. On the upside – it was de-licious.

And of course Momos…


Alex and Erica had pizza


Alex was adventurous and tried a Newari dish that is a preparation of lung – it was really delicious. (I’m trying to track down the name of this dish…I thought I wrote it down at the restaurant but I can’t seem to find it…)


The whole gang at Nanglo’s


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