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Cat on a Hot Jakarta Roof

April 24th, 2009 by Sean

Whenever I take photos when travelling, I’ve noticed everybody likes pictures of animals…especially cats and dogs.

This picture is from my first morning in Jarkarta, after I took the sunrise picture.

These roof tiles are extremely common in Indonesia.  This was also taken from the roof of my Cousin Arif’s house.  This is one of my favourite pictures I’ve taken on this trip.  I love the tiles, the cat wandering of the roofs and the glimpse of the TV antenna.  It’s a good snapshot of Indonesia; things may seem old here…but the modern and the new is always just around the corner just waiting to pounce.

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  • I love this photo! I can imagine the sound of the rain on those roofs! :)

  • J, I have to agree with you about the sound of the rain! I was thinking that as well! And the cat – well anything with a cat in it is alright by me! ;-) Great photos and descriptions, I love having an “insider’s” look.

  • I was just telling Anna how impressed I am with your photography skills. I imagine the super-duper camera helps, but you do have a very good eye for these things.

    An excellent writer, photographer and speaker, plus you can break ribs with your mighty fist! You’ll be missed tomorrow night, but you do have a terrific excuse. ;)