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And we’re back!

November 28th, 2007 by Sean

Wow! That was a much longer break in posts that I had hoped for…coming back this Fall was very busy on Campus (not much of a surprise there!). In any case, while my trip to Nepal is over, the work I started is by no means over and continually amazes me.

Last week I had the privilege of joining the President of the University of Guelph for dinner with a number of prominent members of the Guelph and area community to introduce Leave For Change and the amazing opportunity it represents. The hope is to involve more organizations in partnering with Leave For Change, which is growing at a fantastic rate. I’ll post about this dinner shortly and give it the attention it deserves.

Tonight, I’m off the Ten Thousand Villages in Waterloo which is a retail chain that sells exclusively Fair Trade Products including products from the groups I worked with this summer. I will be giving a presentation to their volunteers. Thanks to the endless generosity of the Nepali community in Guelph, we’ll even be providing some authentic Nepali food (I promise pictures :) ). I’m very excited about this opportunity – but that’s not all! I’m absolutely flabbergasted at the sheer number of coincidences around this event. Joining this presentation are two people from Nepal, who produce Fair Trade rugs.  One of the people is the director of this organization, the Kumbeshwar Technical School…who I met this summer while in Kathmandu!

The final bit of unbelievable serendipity is that these two people from KTS were interviewed on CBC this morning, by Andy Barry on Metro Morning. Normally, I would have missed this segment, because of how early it was on, but because my daughter woke up half-an-hour earlier than normal, I was in the car and heard the whole thing! (I’m in touch with CBC to see if I can get a link to the segment or the segment itself to share…here’s hoping!)

Anyways, I’ll also post about tonight’s session, which is kicking off what I’m calling my Road Show – and you can see I have a new category for these posts. I’m so energized and excited, I can hardly contain myself! Now…all I have to do is finish my notes for my presentation :)

p.s. I promise it won’t be three months until my next post…

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