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A Nice Quiet Election Day

April 8th, 2009 by Sean

I have been in Bandung for the last few days. Currently I am staying at my Uncle’s beautiful house which is just above the city, about 200 meters higher on the mountain, where it is nice and cool .

Today is national elections in Indonesia; I know there is always some concern about unrest during Indonesian elections. My family here has been off to vote and back again, and there isn’t even a hint of trouble. Today we’re going to try and visit the cemetary where my grandfather rests and then this evening we return to Jakarta to prepare for our flight to Malang tomorrow.

Hopefully there will be more frequent updates soon. Internet access has been a bit more spotty than I was hoping. Once in Malang I hope to track down a good Internet cafe with a speey(ish) connection .

Until then, Salamat Sore!

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  • Salamat Sore, Sean! Bandung sounds as cool and refreshing as Papah’s stories about it have promised all these past years. : ) So glad you are getting to experience it for yourself now and I bet the cool air was welcome after the ‘sauna’ of Jarkarta.

    Malang should be interesting too. Not sure what the weather is like there. We’ll see, eh? And glad the election today was non eventful. That’s the way Jen and I like it when our boys are there, non eventful. ;)

  • I am there with you in spirit as you discover the many facets to your Indonesian trip. luv ya lots xoxoxox

  • I was listening to an interview on the CBC re: the elections in Indonesia. It’s incredible the number of people that they have to choose from to vote for!

  • @Carla: Indeed. It’s funny to think about the complaints in Canada about 5 parties when in Indonesia they have 32! However, I believe Indonesia has a pure representations democracy, like Israel, which means every vote really counts and coalitions rule the day.